Any special services such as insurance or lift gates must be specified when ordering merchandise. Additional fees for said services may apply, and will be charged to the purchaser at the discretion of Globe Slicers NYC.
Free shipping promotions assume that the merchandise will be kept. The buyer will pay for all shipping in the event of a return or refund.

Taxes and Fees
Appropriate New York State sales tax will be applied to purchases within New York.
Any applicable fees for international sales will be applied to said purchases.

All orders are on a prepaid basis. Payments will be processed in full and must be accepted prior to validation of the order.

Cancellation Policy
Globe Slicers NYC reserves the right to cancel any orders with a full refund, and will not be liable for any other loss or damage resulting from such a cancellation.

Delivery and Receipt of Order
The buyer is the owner of the goods beginning at shipping point. Globe Slicers NYC accepts no responsibility for the item once it has shipped.
There is no guarantee of shipping times.

Any additional unspecified shipping costs, including but not limited to charges due to inaccurate information provided to Globe Slicers NYC regarding delivery or due to failed delivery attempts, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Any shipment that is refused or cannot be delivered will be considered an unauthorized return.
The buyer is responsible for inspecting the item during delivery for any damages or defects. The buyer must notate such damages on the receipt; failure to do so may reduce the carrier’s liability.

The buyer is responsible for filing loss or damage claims as directed by the carrier. As a third party, Globe Slicers NYC is generally not permitted to become involved in such claims, though we may attempt to aid the buyer when possible at our discretion.

Warranties will apply as per the manufacturer and through the manufacturer. Should the buyer come to our New York storefront, we may at our discretion honor warranties and/or repair merchandise on site. Please contact us if this is possible, and we will advise as to the best course of action.

Globe Slicers NYC will present all items on our website as accurately as possible based on our information at the time of posting. There is no guarantee of this accuracy.

Improper installations of merchandise will void warranties.

Misused items are repaired at the buyer’s expense.

The buyer agrees to abide by Globe Slicers NYC decisions regarding warranties.